Tide for Tusks Exhibit

Tide for Tusks logo, which features a stylized illustration of an elephant

Tide For Tusks was established to raise awareness for poaching of African elephants and promote a deeper understanding of the trafficking of endangered wildlife.

Our primary goals are to fund the efforts for elephant conservation in partnership with conservation groups in Africa and support scholarly research for undergraduate, graduate, and post graduate studies at The University of Alabama.

Working with nonprofit groups in Africa is extremely important and makes Tide for Tusks unique among other mascot conservation programs. Integrating scholarly research and service learning projects that best communicate and bring about awareness and conservation for the African elephant it at the heart of Tide for Tusks. Through research and hands on activities students will have the opportunity to engage in field assessments that will result in more and higher quality learning opportunities all focused on saving the African elephant.

Now at the Alabama Museum of Natural History.