OAR Staff Working to Expose Burial Casket
OAR Staff Measuring A Limestone Gravity Dam

The University of Alabama Museums’ Office of Archaeological Research is an industry leader in 3D modeling. OAR provides accuracy and detail that real world mapping demands. Virtual reality and 3D modeling are not just passing fads, but the future of cultural resource management. By broadening the use of 3D modeling in historic preservation and archaeological investigation, OAR creates unique business solutions for our clients.

OAR’s qualified personnel utilize state-of-the-art tools and 3D modeling software, including:

– Agisoft Photoscan
– AutoCAD
– SketchUp
– ArcGIS
– Revit
– Adobe Products
– Topcon

With recent advancement in computing power, 3D modeling is ideal for any situation:

– Historic Structures
– Modern Structures
– Cemeteries
– Artifacts
– Landforms
– People
OAR has a long list of completed projects. Samples include:

Early 20th Century Saddlebag
Early 20th Century Saddlebag

Reconstructed 3D Model

EEarly 20th Century Limestone Gravity Dam
Early 20th Century Limestone Gravity Dam

Reconstructed 3D Model

Early 19th Century Lime Kiln
Early 19th Century Lime Kiln

Reconstructed 3D Model

For more information regarding 3D Modeling and Photogrammetry, please contact Jeramiah Stager at jlstager@ua.edu or by phone at (205) 371-8705.