Breaking Barriers

Paul W. Bryant Museum 300 Paul W. Bryant Drive, Tuscaloosa

Visit the Paul W. Bryant Museum to see the permanent exhibit, "Breaking Barriers", which tells the story of Coach Bryant’s journey to integrate football throughout his career. It showcases Wendell Hudson, the first Black athlete at The University of Alabama, then moves to Wilbur Jackson, the first African-American scholarship football player, and John Mitchell, the first Black football player to take the field at The Capstone. The exhibit then highlights other trail blazing players throughout the remainder of Coach Bryant’s [...]

Freshwater Mussel Exhibit

Alabama Museum of Natural History 427 6th Ave, Tuscaloosa

The Freshwater Mussel Exhibit is located on the third floor of the Alabama Museum of Natural History. The Freshwater Mussel Exhibit is located on the third floor of the Alabama Museum of Natural History and explores Alabama’s Freshwater Biodiversity with a look into why they are important to our environment and mussel biology including learning how to age mussels. We also explore how mussels were used in fashion with a collaboration with The Fashion Archive at the University of Alabama, exploring how [...]

The Buzz About Bees

Alabama Museum of Natural History 427 6th Ave, Tuscaloosa

A new exhibit is flying to the Alabama Museum of Natural History. The Buzz about Bees is a collaborative exhibit with the Alabama Museum of Natural History, the West Alabama Beekeepers Association, and the UA Bee Club. The exhibit focuses on the honey bee and features a live beehive that gives visitors an inside look at the honey bees’ honey production and social structure. Although just a small portion of the over 4,000 species of bee native to North America, the honey bee [...]

Weaving Muscogee Creek Culture: The Artistry of Mary Smith

Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum

Visit the Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum to see the work of Muscogee Creek Artist, Mary Smith! Mary Smith is an exceptional contemporary artist who celebrates her heritage through her artwork. Smith is based in Bixby, Oklahoma and is a citizen of the Muscogee Creek Nation, where she currently teaches and practices basket weaving amongst other art forms. Unlike most artists, Smith did not begin her career until she was in her 40s when she was working at the Creek [...]


William Crawford Gorgas and the Panama Canal

Gorgas House Museum 810 Capstone Dr, Tuscaloosa

The exhibit explores the construction of the Panama Canal detailing its history, challenges, and the lives of those who lived it. It includes William Crawford Gorgas, whose family name honors the Gorgas House Museum and whose work on the canal saved countless lives. Created by UA undergraduate William Smith, a junior in the Department of History, the exhibit showcases historic objects and artifacts from UA Museums Department of Research and Collections, original research by Smith, and interactive digital videos. The [...]