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This collection was obtained during the first season of excavations at the LaGrange shelter, Site 1Ct90. The excavations were conducted in 1972 under contract between Florence State University and the Archaeological Research Association of Alabama. Charles M. Hubbert served as Principal Investigator. A second field season was conducted in 1975 by the Department of Anthropology, University of Alabama for the Archaeological Research Association of Alabama. The collection from 1972 was transferred to the University of Alabama at that time. Unfortunately, the 1972 collection was not integrated into the final report except for use in photographs and some passing references.

LaGrange shelter was approximately 40 ft long and 15 ft from drip line to rear wall. During the first field season, a total of seven 5 ft units were excavated in a U shape, leaving a 5 ft by 10 ft unit exposed on three sides. There were six natural soil strata at the site. Zone A was approximately 18 in thick and yielded artifacts from Woodland and Mississippian times. Much of Zone A was disturbed by looters’ pits. Zone B was approximately 12 in thick. It contained numerous artifacts from Early, Middle, and Late Archaic occupations. Zone C was a stratum largely confined to the rear of the shelter. It contained only Early Archaic artifacts. Zone D yielded Early Archaic and Late Paleoindian material. The lowest zones, Zones E and F, were considered in the final report to represent, respectively, the preoccupation humus layer and breakdown of the shelter floor. Only small amounts of debitage and charcoal flecks were present. Several features and one burial are described in the notes. Only the burial is discussed in the report.

The specimens from the first LaGrange field season were accessioned in 213 lots totaling 5 cubic feet. The individual typed and pulled lithic artifacts were accessioned first. The remaining materials were organized by unit and level and accessioned next. There are four soil samples from the deepest zones. There is one folder of associated documents. It contains the field notes and forms, plans and profiles, some piece plotted artifact coordinates, lithic artifact tabulations, and radiocarbon dates. There are 54 35 mm and medium format negatives and 20 35 mm transparencies in this collection. Most of the photographs are general excavation and site photos. Specimens and documents in this collection were curated with assistance of the National Endowment for the Humanities under Grant PA-50138-03. The associated photographic materials had previously been accessioned. Human remains associated with this collection are located at the Laboratory for Human Osteology on the University of Alabama campus.


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Projectile Points and Bifaces, Site 1Ct90
Core, Site 1Ct90



Specimens : 213 lots, complete.

Documents : 1 folder, complete.

Negatives : 54, complete.

Transparencies : 20, complete.


DeJarnette, David L., and Vernon J. Knight, Jr.

     1976    LaGrange. Journal of Alabama Archaeology 22(1):1-60.